Security & Defense


In the field of SECURITY AND DEFENSE, we have a lot of experiences in delivering and implementing solutions for our customers. Our solutions include; Command Center, Coastal and Border Surveillance System, Radar and Navigation Systems, Airborne Downlink System, Broadband Trunking , Tactical Military Bridges, Military Ground Access, Water Drilling, Night Vision System, War-gaming, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Area Security System, Vehicle Inspection System, Lawful Intercept System. All products are usually implemented in one integrated solutions. That is why we are always stay in front for the product and service innovation for the better customers satisfaction level.

Our Combat support equipment is sophisticated as well. This is to facilitate the soldiers carry out their duties in a combat zone. In fact, we can simulate the conditions of combat in simulation game. Not only on the battlefield, our security system has also been implemented in many places such as factories, office area, terminal, or public places. Our technicians always provide good after-sales service and comprehensive. So for security and defense system issue, we can be one stop solution expected by the client.