Simulator System


We have a SIMULATOR consisting of a 180-degree field of view plus advanced rear view mirror. consists of three high resolution LCD technology. The latest LCD technology provides enhanced brightness and contrast scene better. The visual system is a key component of the simulator training. A visual system that is designed by either increasing the level of realism, giving clue for speed and distance accurately and reducing Simulator Adaptation Syndrome. Graphical representation optics to provide optimal perceptual clue to judge distances and speed. Objects in the visual scene moves smoothly and continuously in different display panel without distortions. All angles are simulated as part of the main screen and fully correlated with the virtual environment.

We understand that mastering tools is very important in running a job / business. In this case we provide a lot of knowledge in understanding the simulator equipment technology we have. Based on its purpose, Our SIMULATOR SYSTEM is divided into three areas: Education & Training, Military and Entertainment. And last but not least, with the spirit of creative challenges we are preparing all our customers needs in Simulators technology with our total simulator solutions, professional engineers and researchers with extensive knowledge and experiences, advance engineering theory and application capabilities, patented technologies on simulator and motion platforms, dynamic, innovative and creative team to make our simulator solution be one of the main option for the customers.